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The Agrofood sector occupies an important place in the economy of the archipelago and the excellence of its agricultural products is mainly based on the natural advantage of the Azores in the production of milk and meat, the existence of a structured sector in this field and know-how in milk processing.

Dairy Products

The dairy sector is a cornerstone of the Azores economy. Due to the soil and climate conditions, the Region enjoys competitive advantages in this sector compared to a significant part of the Portuguese productive territory.

The Azores dairy production represented during 2018, 51% of the total Portuguese cheese production, 34% of the total cow milk produced in Portugal, 64% of the powdered milk total Portuguese production and 39% of the total Portuguese butter production.

There is a potential for innovation and increased added value of final products through different processing techniques, as well as the improvement of their organoleptic and functional properties, or the incorporation of others more valued by the market.

Agriculture & Livestock

The agricultural sector has an important role in the economy of the whole archipelago, offering a broad range of products with enormous potential for export and organic markets. 

This sector, in the Azores, represented, in 2017, 9% of Regional Gross Value Added and 11% of Employment with 120,000 hectares of useful agricultural area.

The Azores is the only place in the European Union where tea is produced at industrial level and one of the main E.U. producers of proteas.

There are three well defined wine regions producing internationally recognized certified wines.

The Azorean meat is certified by Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). The animals are fed almost exclusively on the pasture, ensuring the quality of the meat.

The geographical area of IGP production covers all the islands of the Azores.

For market segments seeking typical products, natural identity and quality, the Azores offers high quality, natural and artisanal products.

All of these products may benefit from the Azores Brand (Marca Açores) and be recognized globally as Azorean.

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