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Who we are

Created in 2013, the Azores Business Development Society is a public corporation which assumes, as an actuate part on the conception and execution of stimulus policies to the development of regional companies, aiming their competitiveness and productivity, creating attractiveness for the external investors, through the creation of enabling conditions to the diversification and export of regional products, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as promotion of business strategies which foster employment.


The Azores Business Development Society acts in five areas:

a) Support for business development;

b) Attracting foreign investment;

c) Promotion of policies directed at the business environment;

d) Promotion of exports and internationalization;

e) Promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship.

We aim to contribute to an enabling environment for private enterprise, propitiator of the structural progress of the regional economy, assuming a role of strategic partner of our companies and fostering a corporate culture that encourages them to move forward in the value chain in an increasingly competitive economic environment.

We aim to play an active role on the promotion and valorization of the Azores, and consequently, a better quality of life to the Azorean people.

To fulfill our mission we lean on a highly qualified and motivated young team present in every island.

Our staff shares SDEA’s values, and acts transparently, ethically and with rigor and equality, serving and contributing to the development of the Azores.


SDEA is composed of:

Strategic Council
A Board of Directors
An Auditor

The Strategic Council helps to define and accompanies the strategy designed for SDEA. It is presided over by the Chairman of the Board of Administrators, and includes seven representatives from the Regional Government of the Azores and six representatives from the private sector.


The Board of Directors Is constituted by three members, a chairman and two executive members:



Vítor Fraga

Executive Member

Marisa Toste

Executive Member

Luís Leal




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SDEA, EPER Strategic Council

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