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Get to know the Azores

The Azores archipelago is constituted by nine islands.

Located in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, half way between Lisbon and New York, the Azores stand out from any other Portuguese region because of its geostrategic position that offer new business opportunities like no other.

As an advanced frontier for Europe to the American continent, it reveals a massive economic potential that is still developing.

With areas ranging from 747 square kilometers (S. Miguel Island) and 17 square kilometers (Corvo Island), the azorean population is higher than 240.000 inhabitants and each of the islands have their own distinct cultural characteristics that make them unique.

Protected from the tourist and commercial massification, the Azores production is guided by quality and excellence, keeping the use of unique techniques in Europe, always in harmony with nature and characterized by environmental practices and unique sustainability.


Competitive advantages

1. Strategic Location

- Unique location in the North Atlantic, in between the European, American and African continents.
- Large Exclusive Economic Zone (≈ 1 000 000 Km²)

2. Friendly Business Environment

- The most competitive financial incentives system for investment in the European Union.
- Attractive Incentives for Job Creation
- Favorable tax system
- Peaceful Region with Social and Political stability

3. Leadership In Renewable Energies

- Large percentage of energy consumption from renewable sources
- National leader in Biogas and Geothermal Energy

4. Available Resources

- Plenty of Water and Marine Resources
- Natural competitive advantages for diversified agro-food activities
- Unique conditions for Tourism
- Qualified human resources and good English language knowledge
- Population with the lowest average age in the country (37.3 years old)

5. Good Structural Conditions

- Airports and ports in all islands
- Availability of technology and industrial parks with excellent infrastructures
- High Speed Transmission Network connecting Azores with USA, Europe and other islands



Infrastructures and Equipments in the Azores