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The Azores has potentialities which provide competitive advantages in several business areas, offering excellent opportunities for investment. The archipelago has very favorable conditions for investment, including an attractive investment support system, employment support measures, competitive taxes and specific tax benefits.

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Due to its geographical location, the Azores has a proximity to the time zones of the European and American continents. The official time in the Azores differs only one hour from the United Kingdom, two hours from Germany, four hours from the East Coast of the USA and three hours from the East Coast of Brazil. This allows a continuous service to customers at lower costs.

The Azores is also a world-leading region regarding the good environmental practices and sustainability, while offering a climate of undeniable political and social stability and high levels of security.

The Azores archipelago is in the leadership in Renewable Energies, since a large percentage of energy production comes from renewable sources, being the national leader in geothermal production.

The abundance of good structural conditions and natural resources, the unique cultural and historical heritage in the world, visible on all nine islands of the Azores, combined with authenticity, hospitality and quality of life, make this region very attractive.

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