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PIR – Regional Interest Projects

The recognition and follow-up process concerning Projects of Regional interest (PIR) aims to promote and distinguish investment projects that demonstrate a strong impact and/or structuring effect on strategic sectors for regional development, enabling to fast track the procedures required for their feasibility and overcome administrative stumbling blocks in order to ensure an effective response without compromising full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

For more information please see the PIR – Regional Interest Projects fact sheet



Decreto Regulamentar Regional n.º 23/2014/A (portuguese only)
Changes and republishes DRD n.º 6/2011/A which defines the process of recognition and monitoring of Projects of Regional Interest (PIR)  

Decreto Regulamentar Regional n.º 5/2015/A (Portuguese only)

Reduces, by 50%, the minimum investment amount for projects on Terceira Island, provided they are submitted until December, 31st, 2019.

Recognition of Strategic Interest Template (portuguese only)

Application Template (portuguese only)

Annex I (portuguese only)

Annex II (portuguese only)

Annex III (portuguese only)