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Azores Network of Business Incubators

The Azorean Business Incubator Network aims at intensifying the strategy for the fostering of entrepreneurship, business competitiveness and innovation, and support to the regional economic development carried out by the Government of the Azores.

The creation of this business incubators network is expected to become an invigorating factor for entrepreneur ecosystems that will boost the generation of jobs and wealth for the private initiative as well as becoming a support to the companies in their early stages when they are most vulnerable.

The network includes regional and technology based incubators as well as local based incubators within the scope of local development strategies promoted by the municipal agents; and it can also include themed incubators, thus becoming a structuring factor for a harmonious and territorially comprehensive economic development in the Azores.

Local base incubators are designed to encourage the creation and the consolidation of local businesses, aiming at the promotion of an entrepreneurship capable of generating social and economic development in every island, in which privilege should be given to the appreciation of products and resources that are endogenous to the Azores.

The strategic coordination of the network is under the responsibility of the Azorean Business Development Society (SDEA); the operational coordination is under the Business Innovation Centre – BIC Azores.

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Resolução do Conselho do Governo n.º 11/2015 (portuguese only)
Regulation of the Azores Network of Business Incubators

Despacho n.º 1809/2015 (portuguese only)
Approves the selection criteria to join the Azores Network of Business Incubators, the application forms for local and technology based incubators and the contract to join the Azores Network of Business Incubators.

Structure of the the Azores Network of Business Incubators (portuguese only)

Application form for local based incubators (portuguese only)

Application form for technology based incubators (portuguese only)

Template of a Local Development Strategy (portuguese only)