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Azores Digital PME

The use of new technologies is changing the way companies develop their activity, from the design of the product or service, through its production, marketing and after-sales. The critical success factors of business initiatives today are strongly associated with the use of digital technologies.

For an archipelagic territory such as the Azores, away from the markets, digital technologies allow Azorean companies to enter into global value chains, in addition to optimizing internal and external organizational processes, maximizing their results and increasing competitiveness in the context of a global economy.

The Azores Government considers that it is essential to develop measures to encourage Azorean entrepreneurs to adopt a set of "good practices" in digital technologies.

The goal is to increase the number of Azorean companies in the digital economy, allowing access to new markets, improving management and making the relationship with customers and suppliers more efficient, with a consequent increase in competitiveness.

In order to achieve this goal, the Azorean Government has created the "Digital PME Distinction", to give to Azorean companies that integrate digital technologies in their production, marketing or management processes.

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Resolução do Conselho do Governo n.º 31/2017 (portuguese only)
Proceeds to the creation of the Digital PME Distinction

Despacho n.º 1086/2017 (portuguese only)
Defines the conditions of attribution of each of the degrees of the PME Digital Distinction, as well as the period of applications and revalidation conditions